Duo Vultus, Tate Foley - August 6 - September 10

Duo Vultus exhibits the dual nature of an assortment of images exploring facial recognition, creation, manipulation and destruction, and digital and urban iconography. Using mirrored imagery, inverted colors, die cutting, reversal, and other various processes allows multiple views of a single image, playing off one's ability to cognitively complete an image in its entirety or see straight through it. "Two-faced" refers to the doppelgänger, literally translated as one who walks past twice. The piece constantly exhibits two different images, able to be viewed from either side regardless of which direction a viewer is traveling.

The book format allows for two distinct modes of curation. First, the artist gifted the curator with a collection of images to display at will, for any amount of time, up to their discretion. The second mode of curation happens as a result of the book being hung outside, its pages being weightless enough to be turned by the weather.  

-Tate Foley