Always already dead, Eric Cagley - Feb 21 - March 31

Flags are used as symbols to represent the virtues of a nation. Blocks of color symbolizing purity, justice, bravery, and some with repeating patterns representing unity and equality. Symbols that are meant to be a source of pride and honor. In reality, most national flags represent the winning side of a conflict. A conflict which more than likely caused death and unthinkable anguish for everyone involved.

The American flag has been used as a camouflage to hide ugly truths and violent actions by the institutions that I once held in high regard. In light of recent events, I’ve realized that I have been able to avoid, or maybe more accurately, ignore most of these horrors and injustices. I lived my relatively sheltered life safe to pursue my dreams, while others feared for their future and the future of their loved ones.

I was blinded by naivety. I desperately wanted to believe that I put my faith into a symbol that stood for the protection of the sick and impoverished, that I had pledged allegiance to a government and country that fought for the freedom and equality of every man, regardless of color, denomination, or orientation. I truly wanted my country to be a shining beacon of all that is right and good. In reality, that country never existed, it was always already dead.
                                                                        -Eric Cagley